Photo Credit: Danica Neuhaus 

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I'm advised by Alex Worsnip. I earned my BA in philosophy in 2019 from Wellesley College. I grew up in Ventura, CA, though I was born in Da Nang, Vietnam. 

My primary research interests lie in epistemology and social and feminist philosophy (and their various intersections). My dissertation aims to interpret and vindicate the central theses of standpoint epistemology by appealing to considerations about higher-order evidence, among other things. I'm also interested in normativity (broadly construed to include issues in both ethics and epistemology). More details about my research can be found here

I am a Graduate Fellow with the Applied Epistemology Project at UNC as well as a Graduate Fellow with the Parr Center for Ethics. I'm also a PPE-Affliated Graduate Student